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Attic Insulation Repair & Replacement

Your Attic Is Key to Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

It’s easy to forget how important the attic is in regards to keeping your home cozy. If you’re sensing that heat is escaping your home and you can’t figure out how or where, there’s a chance that your attic is playing a role. Attic insulation helps retain the heat that rises to the top of your home by eliminating possibilities for the heat to pass through your ceiling by conduction or air leaks. When it comes down to it, insulating your attic or adding attic insulation could be one of the most important tasks you do to keep your home warm and comfy in the cooler months.

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Attic Services

  • Attic Stairs & Attic Door Installation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Mold Prevention
  • Structural Integrity
  • Vent Cleaning & Attic Fan Installation

Expanding Blown-In Insulation products can be installed in new construction or existing buildings.
In existing applications, loose fill fiberglass insulation can be applied in attics on top of existing insulation to increase the R-value of the building’s insulation or applied in ceilings that have no insulation. Loose fill insulation can also be installed in any existing wall or enclosed floor cavity that lacks insulation. Flat ceiling applications are based on thickness in inches at a prescribed density.
R-values for ceiling applications range from R13 to R-60. Wall applications are based on installed density and have an R-value range of R-13 to R-24. For cathedral ceiling applications, the product is based on installed density with R-values of R-28 to R-44. For floor applications, the R-values can be from R-31 to R-48, when installed at the proper density.