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Out with the old and in with Mr. Handyman. Our experienced home improvement professionals install household fixtures, floors, windows, doors, countertops, crown molding and more. Whatever you need installed in your home, our experienced and insured handymen will get the job done right and on time.


Countertop Installation & Repair

installing new countertops in either your bathroom or kitchen is a great way to update the look and feel or the entire room. Your countertop options are plentiful, from laminate to butcher block and more. Find the counter top that fits your room and budget; you can count on your local Mr. Handyman for quality countertop installation.





From colonial to modern and more, our experienced, insured handymen will ensure your crown molding installation reflects your home’s style. Visit our crown molding installation page for more information.



Common Problems with Toilets in Households

  • The toilet has a weak flush that doesn’t work correctly.
  • The toilet’s flush is strong, but it doesn’t complete.
  • The toilet tank fills with water after being flushed.
  • The water in the toilet bowl drops.
  • The toilet flushes twice in a row.
  • The toilet whistles when the tank is filling.
  • The toilet takes too long to fill the tank.
  • The tank causes a dripping noise after filling.
  • The toilet takes a really long time to flush.
  • The tub and sink gurgle when you flush.
If you notice any of the above or any other plumbing problems with your toilet, our team is here to help. We have an average of 10 years’ experience and guarantee we will finish the job correctly and on time.


No matter whether you need a simple fix performed on your toilet or if you need a brand new one installed, we can get the job done. We know that the job is a stinky one—and a complicated one—which is why we are here to do it for you. Cross this item off your to-do list by giving your local Handyman a call today!



Is a Faucet or Showerhead in Your Home Leaking?

Dripping faucets can cause your home to waste 200+ gallons of water every month*—which can lead to unnecessary spikes in your water bill. If you would like to cut down on waste and spend less on your water, you should get in touch with your Local Handyman as quickly as possible. Beyond the waste, leaking faucets can also be a sign that there are other plumbing problems—which can be costly in the long run.
When our home repair experts arrive at your home, we will take the time to inspect the area and fix not only the immediate problem, but take the time to address any larger issues. This can keep your home clean and can help you save money. Don’t wait. We are the one-call solution for leaking faucets that you can trust!

Upgrade Your Home with New Faucets

It’s amazing how something as simple as upgrading the faucets and showerheads can cause an almost instant transformation in your bathroom. Instead of wrestling with it on your own though, let our team do the heavy lifting on your behalf. We have the skills and experience to do the job quickly and correctly during the first visit. Enjoy the benefits of beautiful new faucets without the headache of doing it yourself.
*The EPA reports leaky faucets (one drop a second) waste 3,000 gallons a year, or 250 gallons a month.


Upgrade Any Room with New or Repaired Lighting

By installing a new lighting fixture, or just fixing the one you already have, you can create a near-instant transformation in any room of your home. Instead of doing it yourself—something that is not only complicated and time-consuming, but also potentially dangerous—let our team of home improvement professionals do it for you. We can come to your home and add value and style to any area of your house.


  1. Our technicians have an average of 10 years’ experience.
  2. We are trustworthy, locally-owned, and skilled.
  3. We strive to always arrive on time.
  4. We guarantee our workmanship.
  5. We consider no project too small for our team!
Clear off your to-do list and let us take care of your light fixture needs. Our services are safe and can be done to your exact standards—so not only can you enjoy the soft glow of a new fixture, but can you have peace of mind knowing all complications relating to the electrical services have been handled by an expert.


Get Your Television Mounted Professionally

A great way to watch TV is to have it mounted on the wall; however, TV mount installation can be tricky. Not only do you need to avoid damaging your wall in the process, but also the TV. Plus, you need the TV to be level, secure and have all the unsightly wiring hidden. While some homeowners can handle the project, it can be frustrating and time-consuming.
So let us do the heavy lifting for you! Contact Local Handyman professionals to find TV mounting service near you. While we’re there, let us know if you have other projects around the house we can help you with. (Our home improvement professionals can do everything from carpentry to furniture assembly.)

Our TV Wall Mount Services

Once we work with you to find the perfect spot for your TV, we can take it from there. If you don’t have an outlet near where you want to mount the TV, our electrical services can take care of that. Next, we’ll use your wall studs to securely and squarely mount the TV and hide any cables and cords in the wall for a clean and modern-looking installation.
We can also mount your TV to brick walls, above fireplaces and more! Need to mount your TV to a wall that doesn’t have studs, or maybe the studs are not in the correct place? Our experts can take care of it and give you a secure, safe and good-looking TV installation.


Add New Life to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Installing or repairing your cabinets can inject new life into the design of your home, and we offer convenient services for kitchen cabinet installation and cabinet repair.
Imagine what your kitchen would look like if you finally fixed that peeling laminate or if you added brand new cabinets that truly suited your aesthetic. Now imagine what it would be like if all of that was taken care of for you. At Local Handyman services, we can repair cabinets you already have, or install brand new ones that you have ordered. No matter the details, we will finish the project on time and do it right.


    • Cabinet Repair –Laminate peeling? Hinges broken? Our home improvement professionals can get them looking and working as good as new without having to replace them entirely.


    • Cabinet Refacing – Update the look of your kitchen without having to add new cabinets by just refacing them. Pick out the doors, pulls, or knobs, and we will take care of the rest.


  • Cabinet Installation – Have you purchased new cabinets? We can install them and make sure they are straight, aligned, and secure. We can also re-arrange existing cabinets into an entirely new formation.